Monday, June 27, 2011

Oklahoma, you got to got to got it!

Why do their little faces look so pale?

Why are they bent over as if they are trying to catch their breath?

The heat and the wind.

That's my plants excuse for everything. Personally, I hate both of them too, yet somehow the plants and I must endure to live in Oklahoma. Sure, I could move...but my Okie husband and Okie son would probably miss me. Surely, they would miss my complaints about the heat and the wind...

So I come home today to see all my little baby plants suffering from the horrendous conditions. I am so consumed by their plight that I can't even sit and relax after a grueling day at work (okay, not so grueling, but I was, "on duty" which means I was away from home.) All I can do now is frantically drag hoses around the yard to spray the wilting, pathetic flowers with water and curse the heat and drought.

Would it be wrong of me to call in sick tomorrow so I can stay home and water?