Monday, October 13, 2014


Wishful thinking is

 ...wishing things were different.

Wishful thinking is often backward-looking, running off the road, overcorrecting, and crashing anyway. The worst part of wishful thinking is realizing you aren’t where you’d hoped to be, or who you’d hoped to be. Wishful thinking is hoping things hadn’t turned out like they did.
Wishful thinking is like dragging heavy bags across the desert, through a stinging sandstorm only to be told that you were never really meant to carry the bags in the first place.

Wishful thinking can rob you of your peace, steal away your joy, and cheat you out of tomorrow. It can eat away at your soul.

Wishful thinking has torn my heart apart.
It says, “I wish I would have done things differently.”
As if anything I would have done would levy the flood waters of evil seeping through societal cracks. The very same cracks we curse, but never mend.
Rationalizing doesn’t fill the empty puzzle pieces.
Minimizing the “should haves” won’t replenish what's been taken.

But wishful thinking can do something. Wishful thinking can serve as a reminder.
It’s that jugular wound; healed, but not forgotten.

Wishful thinking - that radical scar you stare at in the mirror
when everyone says you’re not to blame.