Saturday, April 21, 2018

Been a few days...

Wow! What a horrible blogger I am. I can't believe it's been so long. Do forgive. In my defense, I've been busy.
#excuses #stackingrocks #plantingflowers #buildingakiva #socialmediaouttheears #twonewgrandbabies #newbookpublished #life. Now then, you're all caught up.

 As Jack Black aka Nacho Libre would say, "Let's get down to the nitty gritty." 

Jacob boy

Sam E. at the Western Heritage Museum OKC '18
Granny and Jacob

 Why am I blogging now? Why should you care, if ever you did?

Bronson, Kiara, and Jacob Randolph

#1 Granddaughter, Miss Meadow Sanders
Simple, we crave connections. Okay, maybe just I do. I want badly to stay connected to my past, while still making new friends.

#1 Grandson, Cannon Sanders

Bronson and Jacob Randolph

Thomas and Martha "Mattie" Horrell

I'm currently writing about Thomas L. Horrell from Lampasas, Texas and Lincoln County, New Mexico Territory. Horrell, my third great grandfather, one of my recently discovered outlaw relatives. Thank you, Edmond Leon Long, my maternal uncle, who dug up this family secret/jewel. The story is so incredible, I can't believe no one's made a movie of it yet. They will...when my story gets published...and it will!

Wait and see...

Until then, wherever you are, whatever you're doing...keep those connections alive. Discover where you came from, where you're going. None of us are getting out of this deal alive, let's face it. I'm headed up. How about you? Romans 10:9-10