Sunday, June 30, 2013


I can feel the frown on my face; it’s between my eyes pushing against the bridge of my nose.

I know why it’s there too. There’s a sadness growing in me every day as I realize the possibility of never seeing you again. While I know it’s for the best, it means death for us. There have been some very sad days since I met you that I wished I could have turned back the clock and never done so.

I would not have this heaviness in my chest that pushes against my lungs preventing me from taking a full breath. I wouldn’t have this constant yearning to feel your warm body against mine. There wouldn’t be this unfulfilled ache in the pit of my being that keeps me from sleeping. I can’t seem to forget about you, but everything in me screams that I must.

So I’ll hold you to my lips one last time and breathe you in slowly. I’ll miss your warmth, your scent, your closeness. Then I’ll crush out your flame and let you go while there’s still a little of me left to salvage. Goodbye, my sweet corncob pipe, I love you.


  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I'm not even going to tell you what things were going through my head before I read that last sentence! You're such a NUT!!

    1. :) Thanks, Jennie girl. I know I'm a nut...I just can't help myself. The pipe is pretty delicious, but I know it's bad for me...:( so I guess I'll quit before I get addicted!