Friday, April 19, 2013

and they call this Justice?

Call me jaded, but I hope the bad guy from Boston suffered hours and hours of excruciating pain before he surrendered tonight like the textbook coward that he is. It's unfortunate that we had to provide him immediate medical attention before questioning him about his horrific crimes.

Since our equally cowardly president will undoubtedly insist that this terrorist be prosecuted by the Common Wealth of Mass. instead of treating him like the terrorist that he is...we will probably never know why - after becoming a naturalized citizen on September 11, 2012 - he decided to betray the country that welcomed him with open arms.

Now we will get to see his elmo-looking, someone's-gonna-love-on-him-in-prison face for twenty plus years as we feed, house and (undoubtedly) educate him. That's not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars of free medical and legal services that we will lavish on this cold-blooded killer before we humanely put him to sleep like a rabid dog.

So call me jaded if you must, but I hope the Boston bomber suffered just a smidge before he enters the American justice system that consistently bows down and kisses the toes of the guilty while sticking its crooked middle finger in the face of legless victims.


  1. amen! Right there with ya!
    Love ya, Miss Betsy!

    1. Thanks, Tara...I love you too. Hopefully, when we stand before our Creator we won't feel compelled to ask "why." For now, it makes my head ache when atrocities go unpunished and the many good pay for the wicked deeds of the few.

  2. Your beliefs and your values are what I think is so rocking awesome about you...Ok, Ok, your personality is pretty freaking cool too :) Well put. I wish more people would use their thinking hats instead of their cooling socks to realize what must be done and then have the heart and soul to carry out the most difficult of tasks.

    1. Tarian,
      Thank you for your kind remarks. I'm sorry it took so long to respond. You are such a sweetheart. I miss seeing your beautiful face around DPS.

      As far as "Justice" goes...I just wish the world were a nicer place and people were instantly rewarded for their evil deeds. I trust that God will right the wrongs that each of us inflict upon our fellow man every single day.