Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A Little Digging

When there's a break in the winter weather, it's all I can do to rein-in the gardener in me. Compelled by some unseen force, I scratch around in the seed drawer arranging and rearranging packets I'll rip open in spring--throwing fistfuls of hope in every direction. 

'Jane' Magnolia

Would a trip to the greenhouse tied me over? No, not really. 

I'd rather break out the shovel and do a little digging? Digging for what, you may ask.

Sanity, peace, meaning.

They're in there somewhere.
They can't be found in the news or on social media. Trust me, I looked.

Texas Star Hibiscus

Grape Hyacinth

First, scrape away the layers of lunacy. Then chip away at the crust of past hurts before sinking your shovel deep in the soil of tranquility. 

Down down down the sharpened steel sinks until it hits the bedrock of repose. There, that's deep enough. 

Ah! Just as I suspected. Between the ruby hyssop, fuzzy-headed liatris, and a tree peony (the scent of lemons), there's room for a new plant. You choose what it'll be. 

The only thing required...a little digging.