Monday, February 13, 2012

Who's your boss?

Some days I just want to scream, "Enough!"

You've been there too if you've ever cared too much, felt too deeply or given more than your peers without sufficient appreciation from the boss. I keep asking myself why I continue to do it knowing no one will notice or acknowlege my efforts.

Just when I feel my eyes starting to burn with self doubt and my lip quiver with self pity, it hits me...

It all boils down to obedience.

Jesus said that everything we do we should do it as if we were doing it for/to Him. Wow! That's pretty simple. I serve THE King!

My boss formed the firmament. He willed the world. He breathed all breath of life and He knows me. When my hard head remembers that, I pause. Only then do I bow my head, my heart, my will to His.

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