Friday, September 28, 2012

Retreating to my solace

You have them too...Days, where nothing in this world makes any sense and you just want to lose yourself in desperately needed quietness.
On those days, I head outside and search for inner peace in the tranquility of a my little gardens. I feel the calm seep into my troubled veins as I run my fingers across the purple venation of an angel trumpet leaf or the smooth, five-lobed leaflet of a chocolate flower vine.

My eyes wander to the icy blueness of the Arizona cypress or the soft gray-blue sedum and I sense my angry blue mood easing just a little...I breathe in the sweet-spicy scent of a Pinyon fire and fan the gray smoke closer toward my face. Washing my mind of everything else, but the crackle of the resin as it burns away all the things that hurt me.

Sure, I'm a tough girl. Things don't hurt me often, but when they do...they are usually substantial...and lasting.

The hateful things that hurt me most, are the things I'm powerless to babies dying without cause, people killing each other over shifting sand or diseases that ravage the mind and body. The list could go on and on...maybe you're thinking of your own list right now.

Sit with me, let's close our tired eyes and stop searching for what we'll never see or understand. There is no explaining the hurts of life.

We began in the garden and naturally we are drawn to it when we're in need. Our solace is in the garden, feel Him.

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