Monday, February 25, 2013

Full-time gardener

One day, not too far away from now, I'm gonna hang my leather gun belt up for good. I'm gonna stumble around the garden with a coffee cup in one hand and a digging tool in the other. I'm gonna play with flowers all day, every day.

Don't look for me on the highway, I won't be there. I won't have an office, won't drive a fast car, won't wear a slash-proof, bullet-proof vest.

I'll have a pollen covered nose, dirty fingernails, muddy boots and a goofy smile on my face.

My plan? "ooh" over the Oklahoma sunrises.
I'm going to discover new plants, maybe some new trees. I may decide to try my hand at grafting. Who knows, I may actually succeed at vegetable gardening when I retire.

One day...not too very far away...I'm gonna be a full-time gardener!



  1. I'm with you girl! I'm not a "schooled" gardener like you are, but I love to dig in the dirt. Very therapeutic for me.

    1. Catlady,

      Thanks! There isn't anything like getting dirty in the garden to keep you centered and refocused. Sometimes, I think God made flowers just for me, but I'm glad He lets others enjoy them too! :) Bring on the spring weather and let's get our hands dirty, Catlady!
      ps. love your name!