Sunday, December 15, 2013

Come and see...

 There's something fresh and clean about a new-fallen snow that beckons me outside. The whispers of winter tell secrets in tiny tracks left for me to follow.  

Vivid colors shout their emotion when draped in its coolness. Their voices heard like laughter.

 I'll linger in this moment as my eyes travel over thousands of sparkling flakes shimmering in the sunlight, covering every flaw in the patchy lawn. 

No one, but I, knows what lies beneath the pristine, cold shawl.

As love covereth a multitude of sins the snow covers all imperfections.

And in so doing, make all things new and beautiful!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful thoughts! Beautiful author!

    1. Ohhhh! Thank you, Jennie girl. You are my favorite beautiful friend :)

  2. Just got to read this and it's wonderful, as usual! And the pics are awesome!! You are some God gifted lady!! XOXO