Sunday, June 1, 2014

All I SEE is, "Yes!"

I carried a drunk to jail recently, he said I ruined his life. He tried to use his words to hurt me and all the while he spoke, I thought of you.

A friend I should have spoken to the last time I saw him, but didn't, died. When I heard the news, you crossed my mind. 

Instead of screaming obscenities when I learned I'd have to undergo another medical procedure, I simply spoke your name.

When things I hoped and planned for - changed without warning, I knew you knew.

You restored to me what I thought I'd never have again and I wondered, could it be?

Is it possible, that my simple act of faith in you, brings you that much joy...

that you would give to me all the desires of my heart, in every shape, color and arraignment as your way of saying yes?

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