Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pick up the pansies, let's plant!

If you haven't planted any spring annuals, now is the time to do it. Go grab a flat of pansies, they come in a variety of colors and combinations of colors. Throw those bad boys in the dirt! You will be amazed at what a little bit of color in your garden, right now, will do for your spirit.

I have yellow pansies dancing in my garden. Literally! Okay, so they aren't dancing, but they do look pretty darn happy. I planted them in the fall. They looked kinda sad during all the snow, but the hints of spring weather having them waving their gorgeous little yellow heads now. Call me corny, but they make my heart happy!


  1. I just love the fact that such simple things bring a smile to your face and heart...as they do to mine! Who needs big expensive junk! Man! Give me some perky flowers and a sunny day and I'm a happy girl!!

    By the way, I LOVE the picture you're using for your blog! That's one GREAT smile!!


  2. Jennie,

    You are tooooooo sweet to me. Thank you, sister. It is the simple things in life that make me the happiest. Don't get me wrong, I love my jewelry...but give me a plant, a flower, a tree.....ahhhhhhhh, now that's a gift!

    Hugs back at ya!