Friday, April 22, 2011

Dangerous Duties

Okay, I know I am alone when I say that I am feeling my age today. I swear, I am 443 years old. What hasn't quit working has either seized up or fallen off...seriously! So I'm walking around in the yard today dragging a water hose around with one hand (because I recently had surgery on my ring finger and wrist...) So, one handed watering doesn't sound too hard, right? Wrong, it's dangerous...I twisted my ankle and darn near killed my self trying to keep upright. The neighbors probably thought I was in a drunken stupor, staggering around in the yard. If anyone has video of my, "dance with the water hose," feel free to post it on YouTube. All joking aside, if it would simply rain here I wouldn't be risking my ancient life and limbs attempting to keep plants alive...dangerous duties in a dry dry land.


  1. Ah Betsy! I'm sorry you're falling apart! But at least you're looking real cute in the process! (grin!)

  2. Betsy, that's a great sky shot. Maybe God sent last week's storms just to save us old ladies the trouble. I wish their was a way of His sending miracle grow!