Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rango, bring cake!

It's been a long hot summer so far with no reprieve from the heat insight. It's too dry for anything to thrive and too hot to water. My hope for rain dissipates with the passing of each miserably scorching day. Walking around the yard in clogs, introduced dirt into my toe holes, so I resorted to slipping on socks. So now I'm not only overheating, I'm dorky to boot. Awesome. Back inside I sigh, is it any wonder I feel depressed? My skin is pale 'cause the sun hates me, my head hurts 'cause it hates the sun and as my depleted vitamin D level bottoms out, my anemic, jaundiced eye balls squint through the dusty blinds...searching the blue sky for any cumulus clouds. I see none. Fantastic! So I guzzle the ice water in my hand and put the cool glass next to my cheek and think...what I really need is chocolate cake. Cake makes everything better.

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