Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Let's talk about Clematis.

Missing the sight of flowers in the garden has me flipping through photos tonight. I'm staving off the annual winter depression by remembering what the next two seasons have in store. This beautiful blue Clematis cheers me each time I enter the secret garden during the late spring and early summer.  Its delicate little tendrils twine through climbing rose canes and the indigo color contrasts beautifully with the antique rose's sweet smelling, double-flowering, deep pink petals.

Clematis perform well in Oklahoma's USDA hardiness zones 6 and 7. Bursting with color that catches your eye and tempts you to search for buds hidden among the roses and foliage. Clematis climbers fall into one of three categories. Each with individual pruning needs to promote healthy growth and enhance flower production. When planting Clematis, check with your nursery as to what pruning requirements your Clematis needs.

Remember they adore the sun, but need their roots shaded by smaller plants or additional mulch to help keep their shallow root system cool. Clematis will add a mystical and theatrical touch to your garden with a flare relegated to the dainty, but flamboyant.

It makes me wonder what gardeners did before photographs existed? Suffer excruciating garden withdrawals, probably!

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