Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Luckiest Girl Ever!"

Okay, so maybe I am extremely fortunate...I run into famous people and somehow squeeze into photos with them. But before you get to feeling jealous about my good-fortune, let me explain that there is a sad side to this photo op. It is my belief that this TRUE STORY will pull at your heart strings, who may actually think I'm an unfortunate soul. 
You see, when I ran into Vince Gill in the Nashville airport this past week, he was trying to give a lady back a pair of eye glasses that he had seen her drop. Star-struck, the woman stood staring at Vince not trusting her voice to speak. She neither took the glasses nor responded with anything but bug-eyes and an open mouth as the country music superstar stood holding her glasses out to her.
I chuckled under my breath while watching her obvious discomfort. She realized who was trying to return her eye glasses to her, but she was at a complete loss for words. She recognized his voice about the same time I did. We both had turned when he said, "Excuse me, Ma'am," in his beautiful, tenor voice.  After the woman's husband began to coach her to take the glasses that Vince Gill offered, she finally took them.
I outright laughed as her shaky voice asked for his identity by simply asking, "You aren't...?" To which Vince just smiled his sweetest smile and cast his humble, sea-green eyes downward, "Yes, Ma'am...I am.
Introductions were made then with nervous laughter and many "Thank you's" said. Finally, the Grammy Award winner walked away to disappear into the crowd of people waiting to board a plane. It was obvious that he wished to quietly and anonymously sit in the gate area unnoticed. I was still silently judging the awe-struck woman and her bumbling acceptance of her glasses she had dropped. I would never be such a dork! I thought with a smirk of arrogance.
I quickly called a buddy of mine that I know is a childhood friend of Vince Gill's. When I got Rick on the phone I quickly gave him the low-down and asked if he would text or call Vince and ask if I could get a picture made with him. Rick insisted that I simply approach the country music legend and ask myself, but at my insistence, offered to stay on the phone and assist me with my introductions. I wasn't a bit nervous as I approached the now sitting Vince Gill. I stood in front of him and did as Rick suggested.
"Excuse me, sir," I began. My heart was beating fast, maybe I was more nervous than I thought. "Do you know Rick Buchanan?"
Vince laughed at my question and started shaking his head up and down while he said, "Yes, we are life-long friends."
I told him that Rick was on the phone and did he want to speak to him, I asked. He held his hand out for my phone and I placed it in his hand. My good pal, Rick, introduced me before Vince gave me back the phone. I thanked Rick and hung up so that I could spend a moment speaking with Vince before we had our photo made together as promised. I continued to stand as we exchanged pleasantries and stories about Rick Buchanan and how we both knew him. Vince, being the consummate gentlemen, asked for me to sit next to him and cleared off a seat for me to sit down. I grabbed my bags from a few chairs away and nestled into the seat beside him as we continued to talk.
A lady that sat opposite us asked if I wanted her to take our photo so I took my Blackberry out of its holster and held it in front of me as I looked down at it, getting the camera portion of the phone ready. That's when I noticed IT...the zipper on my pants. It was completely unzipped!
I had been walking around the airport for 20 minutes, standing in front of and then sitting next to Vince Gill all with on open fly. Everyone close to gate 2, terminal D in the Nashville airport that day knew what color of undergarments I was wearing, especially the guy sitting to my right...Country Music Hall of Fame inductee-Vince Gill.
The amount of instant blood loss to my brain from embarrassment had me nearly passing out. If it were possible to (poof) disappear...this would be the appropriate time and I most certainly would have done it. Being without magical powers, I simply slugged Vince on the arm. I did the only thing a girl can do in a situation like that...blame the guy! It had to be ALL his fault.
"What kind of a friend are you anyway to let me walk around the airport with my fly undone!" I demanded.
He laughed and laughed as I zipped up my zipper and tried to restore the normal color to my cheeks. The heat of my embarrassment still surging through my face could be felt all over my body.
With the now infamous photo taken, we casually visited between other photo ops with our fellow travelers who, by now, knew who I sat next to. 
I don't know, maybe Vince will remember the goof ball woman who flashed him in the Nashville airport. I'll certainly never forget our first meeting. It was extremely memorable for me...and to think, you called me, "lucky!"


  1. OH MY GOODNESS Betsy!!! All I can say, as I always do, is ONLY YOU!!!!!

  2. Awwwwww.... Betsy! You are indeed an awesome woman! I hope you and your cute lil mama made it back home safe. How cute is that?? I loved your dedication to her in the book! Hope to see you next year for the Hillerman Conference. You got to meet Mr. Gill? You are lucky! :)

    A Hug from Felicia in Santa Fe

    1. Felicia!

      It was so great to see you again and what a beautiful family you have. Yes, mom and I made it back safely. We had a wonderful time and love Santa Fe. I'll definately be back next year.
      You're right, I am a lucky girl. I've got it better than I deserve, that's for sure!

      Here's an Okie hug back,
      p.s. what's the name of your blog?

  3. I love your insight & wit as I read your stories. I always admire you from a distance knowing your accomplishments. Betsy Randolph you have made me a fan. Can't wait to read more. Jackye Husmann

    1. Awwww! Thank you, Jackye. You're such a doll. If I didn't constantly embarrass myself I'd have no material at all. Thank you for the kind note. Betsy