Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fall 2015 - I just discovered this was never published

I've been somewhat absent of late as I pursue my MFA, but with the changing of the season, my camera (willing no longer to be stored) has found its way into my hands.  

I'm chased by the idea that the perfect snapshot will reveal to you my state of mind and wondering (as always) why you should care or why I should let you know.

The crisp cool wind sneaks its way across my skin and tickles the leaves into letting go of the branches before flipping up and over my porch to collect in the corner of the fence.

The last flowers of the fall bloom and fade, bloom and fade while fritillaries scurry south taking along the last of the sweet Indian summer.

Should you see me studying a collapsing bud up close or hoisting around a paper brown sack full of tomorrow's blooms, there's no need to ask if I'm enjoying the weather. You'll know. 


 A friend told me recently that I needed to be "present." I needed to relish the "right here, the right now." So that is exactly what I'm doing. In my mind, I'm standing near a stream lined with tiny blue flowers and I'm breathing in the scent of tranquility. Tomorrow is not promised so I will cherish today.
Forgetting what is past as I would a spent flower, because we all will fade in due time.


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