Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today, I took a shower with Jesus!!!

The nearly scalding water catapulted over my shoulders as the blessed steam punched a hole in my congested sinuses. I hung my weary head and allowed the hot, wet assault repay my overly tensed neck muscles. While enduring my morning cleansing ritual, a thought slapped my un-listening ear and crashed into my hardened heart as if God Himself had vaporized and crawled slowly into my conscience, disobedient thoughts. I didn't hear the balming voice, I didn't see the salve applied, but I definitely felt, with every pore of myself, felt His powerful love overtake me. Immediately, I was crushed by the emotional weight of what He had to convey. He loves me. He has always loved me. Everything that had happen to me before had brought me to where I was. There was a purpose, His purpose. My mind immediately reflected on the excruciating pain, the wounds, some still open and bleeding that I had suffered. Were they really necessary? Could I possibly be who I am now without having had cried? Without having been knocked to my unbending knees? "No, there was no other way," He whispered so gently that I began to cry. "I know," He hushed me. "I know." The joy that followed that brief encounter can't fully be understood until you hear, feel and know Him as I do.


  1. Been there done that. Isn't He SO good to lovingly and compassionately reveal His truths to us. I'm SO thankful to know Him deeply and intimately and LOVE it that I have girlfriends, like you, who know and love Him, too.

  2. Betsy, my husband regularly reads your column in the Guthrie newspaper, and he handed it to me saying, "Her writing reminds me of yours." Your writing is witty and funny so that was quite an endorsement. How nice to find you online. I'll be back to read your further musings of gardens and guns. Thanks so much. Hope you're feeling better. Yes, His balm is what keeps us all sane on this Earth, and everything which happens to us is to further God's glory and mission.~~Dee

  3. Thank you Dee and Jennie. I often wonder how and why my God would count me worthy to serve Him. Broken and spilled out...I thank Him for my imperfection, knowing full well He'd have no bragging rights with someone whole, perfect and flawless. Thank you for following my blog. Send any suggestions my way on future ramblings...